Describing our brewery doesn’t need to be difficult. We’re a tiny brewery and taproom. It’s as simple as that. We strive to craft balanced, drinkable beers that showcase nuanced complexity and walk the line between rustic and elegant.  Our beers are unfussy, handmade from simple ingredients through age-old processes under the same roof where they’re served. It really doesn’t get any less complicated.

While we draw influence from all over the brewing landscape, our identity and style are about as unmuddled as it gets: we’re a Wisconsin brewery. We make Wisconsin beer, Modicum-style. Pretty straightforward stuff.

The brewery was founded by a brewer and an environmental engineer, Eric Rykal and Mike Blodgett respectively. Bound together in this endeavor by a love of beer, the two founders also happen to be father- and son-in-law. Mike had spent a lifetime in public service and was nearing retirement. He was looking to start the next chapter of his life. Eric had spent his twenties brewing beer for other regional breweries and was ready for a change of pace and direction. Modicum Brewing was born in late 2016, and became fully realized when the doors opened in the summer of 2017.